At Chiceco, we take great pride in offering quality products with exquisite craftsmanship. constructed with both form and function in mind. Customer Care is also the core to our brand. We’re happy to tell you the details about our product, and offer advice on how best to use and care for Chiceco products. For any question, please emails us at

Wash and Care
  • Nylon Oxford Category
    1. If stained with dirt, wipe it with soapy water with a soft sponge brush. Dry it in shade.
    2. When wash it for first time, soak the oxford cloth bag for 15 minutes in clean water with a little salt or vinegar. Wash it in cold water or dry clean. Dry it in shade to avoid direct sunlight.
    3. For long-term storage, wrap the bag into the packaging bag tightly with some desiccants.


  • Hang Tag Design
    Adopts Chiceco’s classic color match of black and burgundy, decorated with timeless golden and silver, the hang tag echoes to our most classic bag model — black surface, burgundy lining, and golden hardware.  
  • Non-Woven Bag
    Every bag from Chiceco is well wrapped with a non-woven bag of black body with contrasting white logo. It helps to protect your bag from dust and moisture for long-term storage.

Top-Grade Materials

  • Nylon
    Exported high-density nylon, it’s the main material of most our bags. Sharing the same soft feature, it’s smoother, thinner, yet solid, water resistant, and less likely to wrinkle. The final model will just show the comparison for you.   
  • Microfiber Leather
    Most matching leather we use is microfiber. More environmental friendly than PU, is the vital reason why we made the call. Moreover, it enjoys excellent abrasion resistance, good tensile strength and breathability. And these are the rest grounds.  
  • Split Leather
    When it comes to colorful pouches and accessories, we choose split leather as a match. It just complements, brings a sense of calm, and changes the whole vibe.