Chic Eco Shops
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Hawaii-local shops (links above) consist of:

Local Hawaii  Delia’s eco-garage sale … from travels, R&D, or dated product samples and such.
Culinary Shop  Catering services, cuisine and sustainable products.

Events  Items for weddings, ceremonies and events in Hawaii.

Yurts  Hawaii-made yurts to custom order.

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Off Grid


Under construction, but just as it sounds; cool items to help you live off the grid!


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The Bookstore consist of:


Periodicals Reads

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Click to visit the Retail Eco ShopThe Retail Shop is for individuals seeking home, body and garden items with eco style. Changes are continuous, so check back often.

Know that online or Hawaii-local personal shopping services are available. Email your query for a quote.

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Click to visit the Wholesale Eco Shop

The Wholesale Shop is for buyers in the green trade: home, body and garden sectors. The catalogs published on this site are outdated, so regard them as mere examples of merchandise available. Queries welcome for no-fee sales representation and factory-direct pricing. Terms and minimum order requirements are set by each vendor.

Also, custom procurement/buying services are available by request: one-time start-up, or short to long term. Please feel free to ask how Delia can eliminate or severely cut sourcing and purchasing times to economically supply your business.