Soft Footprint from Naya Shoes

The footwear material standards are natural and eco-friendly whenever possible. That means from chrome-free leathers, to natural footbeds, to nickel-free buckles and water-soluble glues. Read more …

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Fashionable Jewelry Made from Trash

Designer Victoria Spleet-Lenz magnates positive astonished reactions when people find out her jewelry is created from recyclables. She individually hand-crafts every item with recycled aluminum pop and juice cans. Each piece is exclusive, elegant and unique. Victoria doesn’t mass produce. In fact, all items are

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Tagua Heaven from Equador

A tagua nut sure has a lot of names. Like The Rain Forest Ivory or Vegetable Ivory. Other titles are Corozo (also spelled Corrozzo), Binroji Nut (Japanese), Steinnuss (German), and Coquilla Nut. A tagua nut is the fruit of a palm tree, primarily Phytelephas macrocarpa,

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Hawaiian Jewelry Designer Uses Reclaimed Metals

Located in Laie, north Oahu, artist Nilma Hunter offers tropics-inspired designs handcrafted with reclaimed and earth-friendly silver, plus other mediums. Read more …

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Recycling Mu’umu’us and More, An Oahu Business Inspires Reuse In Fashion And Home Decor

All the Muumuu Heaven merchandise is crafted from vintage Hawaiian mu’umu’us, aloha shirts, and fabric remnants. Read more …  

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Verde Rocks by Designer Gwendolyn Davis

Want completely sustainable, eco-chic jewelry that rethinks fashion? Read more …

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Recycled Rubber Spells High Fashion

Working with recycled inner tubes is much like leather, but that the feel and texture are wonderfully unique. Read more …

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Vintage Cashmere Turns to Wearable Art

Koi has a thing for vintage cashmere, which really is a form of recycling. She incorporates the material into her designs with a signature style. Read more …

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Ecogear Praises Recycled and Nixes Bamboo

Robert was introduced to a knitter in North Carolina who had been experimenting with European recycled yarn. Read more …

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Hawaii Yurt Vacation Rental

Chic Eco Yurt Home + Edible Gardens

Pahoa, HI, United States
A simple yurt, paradise-comfortable, + reasonably priced. Furnished for 1-3 people in a remote private area of Nanawale Estates. Heart of Pahoa Village is only 5 miles away, voted by BudgetTravel a...

Earth-friendly Shops ~ Sustainable Design Services ~ Local Catering, Gardening

by Delia Montgomery

Milan Petrovic