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Oahu Custom Yurts Made in Hawaii

Every order is custom built!

Made for Hawaii climate on Oahu island; save big on shipping from mainland. Recommendations for architectural plans are available, ― with or without a permit goal. If you need design assistance, such as deck plans, best floor options, or suggested elevation, ― just ask.

Shop and order here. Summary:

$5,800 Backyard 12-foot yurt diameter, 113 square feet.
$8,600 Malama 16-foot diameter, 201 square feet.
$12,775 Queen 20-foot diameter, 341 square feet.
$17,750 Tita 30-foot diameter, 707 square feet.

Backyard Yurt

Backyard Yurt

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How tall?
Our lowest standard wall height is 7-feet tall (other manufacturers start at 5-feet).

One door included. You may consider constructing a deck, canopy, or roof outside the door.

What’s included?
Two 9-foot long clear vinyl roll-up windows with sewn-in screen. The roll-up can be interior or exterior.
Can I have more than 2 windows?
Yes, each model allows maximum number of windows from 8 to 14. You can even have a wall section roll up instead of the window, but there may be an upgrade fee.
Buyer decides, but pay attention to typical wind and rain direction. Also note sunrise and sunset locations, which will vary per season.

Malama Yurt

Malama Yurt

Clear acrylic dome (minor fee for tinted) or copula with screen to vent air.

The Backyard model can fit a twin or double sized bed. Drawers below the bed are recommended. The larger yurts can accommodate king-sized bedding, pending on your layout design.

Inquire for digital options to view. Select for (1) roof, (2) main wall, and (3) base wall. Swatches provided with order deposit.

Plumbing with a water catchment is most common in Hawaii and a PVC flex rain gutter can be attached under the roof seam onto the rafters.

With solar, wind, or electric power, a standard 36-inch ceiling fan may be mounted under the dome.

50% of yurt cost order deposit; balance due plus shipping cost from Oahu upon manufacturer’s completion. A manufacturing sales tax is added to your custom yurt order. On Oahu locations, it is 1% and on outer-island yurt locations, it is .5%.

Shipping rates do vary almost on a daily basis, but expect between $150 to $250 freight cost from Honolulu to Hilo or Kona.

30 days for standard production, from date of deposit to ship-ready completion.

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