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Catering Services Hawaii + Beyond

  • Private Chef
  • Shop, Delivery
  • Prep Cooks
  • Event Staffing
  • As-needed Personnel
  • Talent + Professional Scouting
  • Personal Event Coordinator

Reservations required for party commitments (10 people or more); preferably 3 weeks minimum please.

Private Chef

Whether you seek a personal chef for one person, a romantic couple, small celebration, or a group of kids, ―the Chic Eco labor pool offers experienced cooks, servers,― and even babysitters, to fulfill your needs.

Shop, Delivery

Catering services are flexible! Consider a Chic Eco courier to pick up and deliver your order. A picnic lunch, for example, to satisfy a group of on-the-go island adventurers.

Prep Cooks

Chic Eco cooks can prepare culinary delights for the freezer to be eaten later. We can also schedule a prep cook routinely for individual or commercial needs.

Event Staffing

For 10 to 20 or more guests, I am happy to help you project staffing needs for most any type of occasion, setting and menu. Know that custom culinary style requests ― such as organic, from farm-to-table, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, or Hawai’i fusion ― are all welcome for any size of event.

As-needed Personnel

Businesses are welcome to contact me for on-call or emergency staffing. Some of our associates are capable of jumping in as a line cook, for example, without prior training.

Talent + Professional Scouting

We network with a variety of professional local entertainers who may be carefully selected to suit your style. We also provide a pool of ministers for unique ceremonies that may serve weddings, funerals, baptisms, communions, and more. Don’t forget decorators, stage builders and floral designers. Our mutual aim is to develop the ideal event for your needs and beliefs.

Personal Event Coordinator

To stream-line your special event from A to Z and worry-free, I customize services personally with environmental consciousness. This may include personal shopping for invitations and wedding attire, for example. Let’s talk!

MAHALO for your consideration,