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Catering Services

Culinary Shop

Event planning with local creatives who offer a unique labor pool to streamline special occasions. In addition to chefs, bartenders and servers — we provide designers, personal shoppers, stylists, nannies, entertainers — or just about any professional on Hawaiian islands sought.

Catering for TwoChic Eco Catering for two is $350 in Puna, Hilo and Volcano regions. Includes private chef and server with appetizer, entree, two sides and dessert. Preferred reservation is 3-week advance.

Wok ‘n Roll Puna Chef for two is $175 in Puna, Hilo and Volcano regions. Includes tempura or stir-fry meal with dessert. Minimal order and delivery time is 24-hours advance.

Ad WoknRoll FacebookSee Menus page for options. Contact Delia to confirm your date and location, then visit the Culinary Shop to purchase your reservation.

Menu Samples

Menu Samples

From Hawaii-local fusion to raw foods and everything in-between, refer to our menu samples to get creative. You will find owner Delia includes some of her native Kentucky menus that were gathered from southern and contemporary style chefs in the 80’s and early 90’s era.

Catering work partner Les Chow is of Hawaiian descent and knows how to prepare local style, ― from fast pupus to complete gourmet meals. People from around the globe enjoy merging their home cooking with Hawaii-traditional favorites, so do feel free to interchange menu items.

Visit the catering facebook page for fun ideas and recipes.

Off-grid Living

Off Grid


You are invited to check out the sustainable creatives facebook page for off-grid visions.



Contact Delia for consultation services, or to learn more about custom yurt building options. Complimentary planing, construction, renovation and maintenance resources are on the sidebar of the yurt blog under Hawai’i-local Resources.