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Delia Montgomery, Event Planner d/b/a Chic Eco Catering, is proud to announce collaborations with Jasmine and Rosey Silverstein of Living Healthy Hawaii and HeartBeet Catering. This merge of talents benefits Big Island visitors and residents alike.

Fruit HeartJasmine is a Hawaii event caterer, personal chef and class instructor. Her philosophy is that food can either be a powerful medicine, or a slow form of poison.

Rosey offers retreats through Chara Vacations, a monthly Hawaii program for relaxation, rejuvenation, detox, and boosting health. Included are coaching and exercise plans that are customized for each guest.

The Silverstein sisters help run the family restaurant, Sweet Cane Cafe on Big Island, Hawaii in Hilo. Their mother, Jackie Prell, produces nutritional cane juice with John Caverly from the farm they manage, Kalapana Organics.

See the Menus page for prices and more details.

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