Chic Eco Catering Hawaii

Chic Eco Catering announces flat-rate Big Island, Hawaii districts for on site, private elegant dining.

$350 gourmet meal for two covers Puna, Hilo and Volcano districts. That includes a private chef and server; perfect for romantic couples.
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Delia Montgomery, d/b/a Chic Eco, is a seasoned event coordinator from Kentucky with a competent and unique culinary background. Her learning bible has been Joy of Cooking.

Interest began as a prep cook for a friend with a small gourmet and contemporary restaurant. While pregnant, she worked at home to bake a variety of fresh breads for their dinner table baskets. Delia followed her professional friend to become assistant chef for the Governor of Kentucky, John Y. Brown Jr. and his wife Phyllis George (former Miss America). Famed guests, such as Walter Cronkite, Kenny Rogers and Andy Warhol were frequent. In 1982 Delia created her own catering business, Cruisin’ Cuisine, with the first Kentucky daily gourmet meal delivery service from a preset menu. She was the major shareholder, cook and business administrator, which entailed periodic special event catering up to 300 people. Cruisin’ Cuisine was honored rave reviews but with economic downturns, shareholders agreed to close the doors and Delia gained corporate employment as assistant banquet chef and catering manager for Hyatt Regency Lexington. There she learned to prepare meals for up to 1,500 people. Delia also managed the food-side of fund-raising efforts 1974-1986 for Kentucky Educational Television and in 1994 she was director for a fund-raising campaign event featuring Willie Nelson to benefit the Galbraith-Hammond ‘95 state gubernatorial election. With an environmental platform, Gatewood Galbraith became Delia’s mentor for the appreciation of organic foods and products. In 1997 she created her own business and after resting family matters, she left Kentucky for Hawaii early 2006.

Delia wears many hats today, typically related to environmentalism. From food to table favors, to decor, to the attire of hosts, ‒ she thoroughly enjoys offering customized services and goods. Teamwork is essential for successful events and she is honored to work with a Hawaiian professional, Les Chow, who excels in local cuisine and all forms of catering.

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