Bamboo Fabrics Got Greenwash Sentence

Bamboo Fabrics Got Greenwash Sentence

Around six years ago green-movement “insiders” corresponded about the upcoming bamboo fabric crash. Bamboo clothing sales were peaking, so every eco-fabric industry leader wanted to ride the wave as long as possible.

Once word got to customers two years later, they fiercely resisted. Typical reactions were “I love my bamboo, you can’t take it away from me!”  —  along with expressions of disbelief.

I’m not crazy about spreading the word myself. The fabric is so sensuously addictive that it’s a boost to the lingerie market. UK designers continue sustainable claims, perhaps because they’ve been distributing rayon goods for decades and the watchdog agencies are laying low. 2008 August Sarah Compson of the Soil Association said they would be happy to certify bamboo if someone could come up with a sustainable method that goes all through the supply chain, not just the growing.

If you wish to get technical, refer to the RELATED POSTS at the end of this writing. But the bottom line is that in pursuit to legally stop literal green-washing, wearable “earth-friendly bamboo” became a false advertising issue.

In summary, bamboo fabric is actually rayon unless the natural plant is mechanically processed in a manner similar to that for making flax into linen-like fabrics. It can be done, but that old economic feasibility concern may be legitimate.


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