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The Company

Chíc Eco was founded in 1997 as a sole proprietorship by Delia Montgomery in Lexington, Kentucky. The first Chíc Eco Directory was published in 1999, which pioneered the most thorough, earth-friendly, annual fashion and design source books available anywhere.

Today the business is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and primarily Internet based. Affiliates,associates and experts are from around the globe to satisfy eco-conscious individuals, retailers, wholesalers — as well as farmers, students and consultants — for home, body and garden interests


The Chic Eco mission is to preserve our planet Earth and enhance environmental consciousness by communicating who is making what in our world of sustainable fashion and design.

Present Vision

  • Establish a thorough environmental buying house for fashion and design retailers.
  • Match eco designers with material resources.
  • Influence manufacturing to become a sustainable process around the globe.


To explain this unequaled business is a challenge, but FAQs help simplify. After you check that out, learn associates that Chic Eco likes to rub elbows with by reviewing links. Mainstream press is slow to go eco, but Delia is proud (since it’s more effort than rubbing elbows), to share published recognition for green fashion efforts. For your referral and curiosity, a complete bio is available to view in PDF format. The articles page is helpful to students and researchers while the bookstore offers so much — reading all to do with our many sustainable lifestyle goals. Yes, one person can make a positive difference, but teamwork sure helps! If you are a wholesale supplier of earth-friendly fashion products, you want to get listed in the Chíc Eco database, free of charge. (Distributors are welcome too). There’s always more to tell, so if you truly like to learn about the now, future and history of Chíc Eco, please read on…


  • Writing continues for a variety of publications and consistently for In Business, a bimonthly magazine that profiles small companies who connect environmental concepts with people. Queries for periodical or newsletter writing assignments are welcome in all forms. Consider professional press releases, subscribed columns, articles and catalogs written by Delia or an experienced Chíc Eco associate.
  • Representation is the major focus at Chíc Eco and the wholesale shop is continually updated with exciting products; especially those with an artistic flare. Basic items are the purest high-quality available and unique items are both functional and beautiful.
  • Custom Chíc Eco Directories for earth-friendly home, body and garden enthusiasts are available and priced according to the assignment. Email your quote request with a completion time preference.
  • The Chíc Eco Materials Directory for raw fibers, yarns, fabrics, and accessories is constantly updated for designers and available in download PDF format.
  • Services typically entail teamwork and as long as the goal is environmental, they are unlimited. There seems to be an attraction for unusual requests and Chíc Eco experts get a charge from each one of them. Queries from anyone and everyone — corporations, retailers, individuals, farmers, students — are all invited.


  • Writing: In 1997 Delia initiated freelance writing about environmental design, fashion and art where contributions began in her home state of Kentucky and expanded through the United States and Canada. Other countries followed and many of her published articles may be viewed from this site.
  • Wholesale Representation: Designers welcomed Delia and “hempster” partner Kim Eisner to represent their earth-friendly accessories and apparel. However, the Kentucky retailers were skeptical and by 1998 a new path of direction was chosen.
  • Directory: With a combination of efforts to unite the green market, the idea of a directory was born and underway before 1999. As a result, Delia’s annual self-published Chíc Eco Directory, (for homes, bodies and gardens), was sold to hundreds of buyers for five years, 2000 through 2004, from this website and numerous on-line bookstores. It was considered the “ultimate” green design reference bible; — especially since vendors were not charged for their listings. Praise, reviews and press about the directory were published from 1999 through 2005.
  • Personal Shopping: Delia’s directory led to interesting assignments — including personal shopping services for famed celebrities and busy people. A certified organic Christmas tree was driven from Texas to Beverly Hills in short notice. A rock band who wanted to emphasize animal rights was outfitted in attire made from bicycle tubes that looked like leather. Then there were the window blinds for a Santa Fe environmentalist — custom made with sustainable wood, hemp cord and undyed, non-bleached cotton tape. Most enjoyable was selecting nontoxic interior wall paint in the best interest of a Midwest homeowner’s cat.
  • Walk the Talk: Health issues surfaced with long-term chemo and pharmaceutical treatments 2002-2003. It was a depressing, costly time before Delia grew enlightened to alternative methods of well being and became more proactive — promoting organic, natural and nontoxic products with a much deeper understanding and compassion for those who struggled with weak immune systems.
  • A Shift: By 2005 novel business strategies evolved with regained health, a life attitude transformation, and relocation plan to the healing-magnet islands of Hawaii.
  • New Vision: Delia learned the most pressing need for talented earth-friendly designers was sales representation that offers the same benefits as any respected (but conventional) wholesale fashion buying house.


Delia Montgomery is a former fashion merchandising, retail management student and ladies’ boutique owner of the 70’s. Founder of Chíc Eco, early 1997, where she holds the reputation as the first eco fashion promotional pioneer in North America. Delia’s work and determination continues to unite green living enthusiasts from every perspective, culture and location.

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